I have created a set of starter questions which will be expanded as I receive other common questions I will update this section of the site.

Why use a Boutique Consultancy?

I think is necessary for an organization to understand their business first rather than just jumping into selecting security solutions. Many large consulting organizations do not take the time to create that shared understanding but apply their standard approach to all situations. This one size fits all approach often puts emphasis on areas that are really to relevant to the risks being faced by an organization. Larger firms may not send their most experienced consultants because the expected revenue from the engagement can’t cover their costs.

My approach is to understand the business, identify the relevant risks that need to be addressed and then help find solutions to address those risks. It’s not rocket science and is focused on the needs of the organization, rather than an assessment approach that does not.

Why not just go find a specialist?

Without an understanding of the business and its risks how do you know what type of specialist is required? I know that I am a generalist but have worked to have the necessary understanding of the various specialty areas to be able to identify which ones area appropriate based on the risks needing attention and can assist in the selection process to ensure that the organization gets the right solution from the right specialist.