Strategic Planning

Creating a meaningful Mission Statement is the first step toward maturing your business.  Many mission statements do not accurately communicate you business to its various constituencies, such as investors, internal management, employees and customers.  A good mission statement should represent the relations ships between your customer, products/services and how the product/services are delivered.


Now that you have developed a new/revised Mission Statement, it is time to make sure you have an appropriate organizational structure with which to support your mission, goals, objectives, and strategies.


Strategy Development

Through a well developed process, I can assist you in developing a meaningful Mission Statement from which appropriate goals, objectives, and strategies can be developed.



Once you have developed the basics of your strategy you must assess if your current organization is equipped to execute that strategy.  Many well developed strategies have failed because the organization that attempted to execute them inappropriate.  It is often best to consider outside help in assessing your current organization in light of your strategy because an outsider may be able to ask those hard questions that insiders may not feel comfortable asking.

Next Steps...

Please contact me to discuss how I can facilitate the creation of a Mission Statement and other planning artifacts.