Job Descriptions

The key to any staffing activity is the creation of a meaningful Job Description.  It must represent the mission, goals, objectives, and tasks associated with the job.

Basic Interview Process

Based on the Job Description, what information do you need to gather to assure yourself that the candidate will be able to do the job as described in the Job Description and how will you gather that information?

Advanced Interview Process

If the job is complex or requires extensive interactions with clients and customers a simulation of the key job functions should be developed to assure yourself that the candidate will be a fit for the organization.

Creating a Job Description


Most organization do not spend the time to create a meaningful Job Description because they don't have an effective method to create one.  My approach links the activities of the job to the mission, goals and objectives of the organization and from that activity can create a Job Description that is both usable and defensible.

Basic Interview Process


Once you have a meaningful Job Description you can structure an interview process that will assess the skills of the candidate against a structured set of tasks that are required to be successful on the job.  My approach focuses on relevant tasks and the skills required to accomplish those tasks.  It creates a interview structure that is consistent, repeatable, and directly relates to the job that needs to be done.

Advanced Interview Process


Many jobs require a more extensive interview process for several reasons: (1) the job is complex, (2) client/customer interaction is key to being successful in the job, and (3) the basic interview process, although necessary, is not sufficient to develop an understanding of the candidate's ability to perform well on the job.

Next Steps...

Please contact me to discuss how I can help your organization create meaningful Job Descriptions and an appropriate Interview process.